• Bettina Szabo


Updated: Mar 31

Come to see Habitat at the Wilder Espace Danse during Tangente's winter season, from January 16th to 19th 2020

Habitat is a multidisciplinary solo inspired by the life cycle of Hermit Crabs; a metaphor about Bettina Szabo's process of emigration to Canada. Hermit crabs don’t have a shell, instead they house themselves in objects according to their size. As they grow, their object becomes limiting and uncomfortable, so they migrate new ones. This multidisciplinary piece combines movement, voice with live electronics, a paper sculpture ‘Hermes’ (600 articulable paper cones), bio-media lighting and spatialization.

All elements are controlled in real time by the performer serving as her shell, her Habitat. The lighting and sculpture create beautiful visual effects reminiscent of aurora borealis. All these elements, make of Habitat a hypnotic poetic experience with an aquatic eerie atmosphere.

Creative team:

Choreography and interpretation: Bettina Szabo

Sculpture Artist: Jacinthe Derasp, assisted by Atelier Retailles.

Music composer: Ana Dall'Ara Majek

Dramaturge: Morena Prats

Costume and wearable electronics: Alexandra Bachmayer

Spatialization: Thibaut Carpentier

Habitat will be presented on a double evening alongside On the Brink by Alexandre Morin and Jonathan Goulet. Tickets available here