Dance is a means for change


Petrikor Danse focuses on interdisciplinary collaborative work. Its mandate is to provide audiences with complete artistic experiences that generate a place of reflection and dialogue. Petrikor seeks to democratize art by combining different art forms and investing in socially engaged subjects.



Artist Statement

Being an activist at heart, my work gravitates towards subjects like the environment and the condition of women. My creations are triggered by a need to denounce injustices and to generate collective reflection. I transpose this quest into fictional worlds where I invite the audience to a gentle revolt, through empathy and compassion.

Curious and invested in the crusade for the "feminine gaze", I favor female collaborations. I seek to communicate through emotion, questioning our contemporary values ​​and their roots. As a result, the notions of beauty and ugliness have no place in my work, they are simply replaced by curiosity.

Over the years, I have developed a somatic approach to movement research called "moving subconscious". This method allows to associate academic research and intuition, subconscious and body. It generates unique, raw and sensitive movement that deeply inhabits the performer. 

This fluid, unbridled movement reveals the choreographic structure of the work. Then I organize it in space and time, playing with perspective and rhythm, unveiling new potential interpretations.

The resulting choreographic composition requires a mastery of the body that is both imperceptible yet extremely demanding. 

The music, composed specifically for each project, is early considered into the work. It interacts with dance forming an entity whose sound emerges as much from the movement as from the soundtrack.

The dramaturgical line is jointly built with collaborators from different mediums, thus creating a multi-faceted work that has a unique poetic universe specific to each piece.

Inspired by artists like Kent Monkman, Tim Burton or Remedios Varo, I create work with striking imagery, with multiple interpretations that intrigue or disturb while revealing a singular aesthetic. They carry within themselves a meaning, a message that once witnessed belongs to the viewer. 



Artistic director | choreographer | dancer

Born in Uruguay, Bettina Szabo is a dancer and choreographer based in Montreal since 2007. She studies with Hebe Rosa (Uruguay), and Rami Be’er (Israel), graduates the EDCM in 2013 in Dance, and obtains her BFA in Choreography at Concordia University in 2017 (Montreal, Canada). She follows many workshops with renowned artists such as Marie Chouinard, Dave St Pierre, Hildegard De Vyust, Guy Cools, Benoit Lachambre, and Clara Furey.

She dances for the Ballet de Camara de Montevideo (2004-2007), the KCDC (2010), the collective Interlope (2013-2014) and for Jason Cutler in 2019. In 2006, she forms the collective Jeli-Mien, with whom she is awarded the emerging choreographer award given by the Ministry of culture and sports of Uruguay.

In 2014 she creates Noir=+ for dancer and vibraphone presented at the CNSMD de Lyon. She founds Petrikor Danse in 2016, and later presents Séquelles (2017), and Habitat (2020). Her work has been presented in Geneva, Paris, Lyon, Vienna, Montreal and Toronto. 

She is an active member of the dance community in Montreal, and elected member of the board of directors of the Quebec Dance association. She founds the Council of continuous action for inclusion (CACI) in 2020 within the same organization.