Dance is a means for change


Petrikor Danse focuses on interdisciplinary collaborative work., with the mandate to provide audiences complete artistic experiences that generate a place of reflection and dialogue. It seeks to democratize art, by combining different art forms, and investing in socially engaged subjects.


As a child, I wanted to "save the world", nothing less! Later, at the beginning of the 2000, I saw the show Near life by the Ballet Preljocaj, and at that precise moment, I understood that dance would let me do it. I saw that it has the power of direct access to the emotions, making it universal. Today, more modestly, I would like to use my creativity to make a difference.

Fundamentally an activist, I gravitate towards subjects of research are around the human condition: feminism, environment and migration... The need to denounce injustice is a strong source of inspiration for me. My work enables me to satisfy this need through the creation of fictitious worlds where the audience is invited to reflect, inciting indignation, but above all, empathy and compassion.

My process is often based on academic research, interviews and sometimes even surveys I do around my subject of interest. Then the movement research starts. Combining meditation and imagery, I open doors to the body's subconscious reactions. This practice enables me to obtain raw movement that is deeply rooted inside the dancer. It is fluid and deconstructed movement that requires a refined consciousness of the body, as well as a very honest presence that can be internal and external at the same time. I work with original compositions of music for each work, which often include the intrinsic sound found during research. I seek to heighten the sonority of movement and have it counterpoint the sound that composers propose for the creations.

Step by step, the dramaturgy unveils itself, inspiring the collaborators that join as the process advances. Once the basic movement material is there, it is time to invite the designers; lighting, set and costumes get integrated early on in the process. They become extensions of the dancers, dramaturgical and poetic support for the different atmospheres that I want to create.

By offering a limited explanation, my approach results in abstract, organic movement that generates an emotional rather than intellectual reaction. Inspired by Kent Monkman, Tim Burton or even Maurits Cornelis Escher, I create strong images, with multiple interpretations, which are curious and sometimes annoying, but unravel a peculiar uncanny beauty. They contain in themselves a message, that once seen, belongs to the spectator, and is his or hers to feel and understand.



Artistic director | choreographer | dancer

Born in Uruguay, Bettina Szabo dances and choreographs in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) since 2007. She studies with Hebe Rosa in Montevideo, at Concordia University and EDCMTL in Montreal as well as with Rami Be’er in Israel. She also follows several professional development workshops and master classes with Marie Chouinard, Dave St-Pierre and Susanna Hood among others.

She dances for the Ballet de Camara de Montevideo (2004-2007), Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel (2010), and Interlope in Montreal (2013-2014). In 2006 She creates the dance collective Jeli-Mien, with which she is awarded the emerging choreographer and emerging interpreter award from the National Ministry of Culture and Sport from Uruguay.

Dance as a means of communication for her that enables a connection to the audience without limitation of language or social class. In 2014 she creates Noir=+, for percussionist and dancer, after a research residency at the Conservatoir Nationale Superieur de Lyon. This is her first interdisciplinary collaboration, which marked the beginning of her close ties with live music. As interpreter, she is interested in collaborative research and somatic movement. She premieres Habitat in 2017 at the ZH festival after a dual residency at the Casa de Velazquez in Madrid, and Impuls Dance in Vienna. She currently is working on her new project Cuña, in Collaboration with Emilie Allard (visual art), Keiko Devaux (Music Composition) and Angelique Willikie (dramaturge).




- Residency of research and creation at MAI. Montreal, Canada.

- Residency of research and creation at EDCM for Cuña. Montreal, Canada.


- Residency of research and creation for Cuña, at Circuit-Est under mentorship of Angelique Willikie, Montreal, Canada

- Premiere of Habitat, ZH Festival, Montreal, Canada.

- Residency of research and creation as part of Atlas ImpusTanz 2017 Dschungel Wien, Vienna, Austria.

- Residency of research and creation at the Casa De Velazquez, Madrid, Spain.


- Residency of research and creation at Klugar Foundry, in collaboration with Matka Contemporary Music Ensemble and composer Brice Gatinet. Geneva 2016.

-Habitat. Dancer, choreographer, lighting designer. Commission for Metamorphose (Studio 303) in collaboration with visual artist Jacinthe Derasp and composer Brice Gatinet.

- Registers her dance company Petrikor Danse.


- Sequelles, Choreographer. Duo for double base and dancer in collaboration with composer Brice Gatinet. Montreal (2015) Dance Matters (2016)

- Choreographer, interpreter, and technical director, for the Ice Queen event. During the Fête de Glace organised by la SDC St-Denis in association with the Plateau Mont-Royal municipality.


- Noir =+ Choreographer and interpreter. Creation for percussion and dance. Premiered at  Théâtre Astrée Lyon, France. Pollack Hall, Montreal, Canada (2015), Klugar Foundry Switzerland (2016).


- Research and creation residency at Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique et Danse of Lyon, France. 


- Duality, Choreographer and interpreter. Presented at the Fresh Paint Gallery during Montreal's Nuit Blanche 2012 edition.


- Conandrum, Choreographer and interpreter in collaboration with Sophie Melis. Sijri Theatre, Kibboutz Ga ‘Aton, Israel.


- Buen Viaje? With the dance collective Jeli–Mien Choreographer, interpreter, lighting designer and musical conception in collaboration with Martin Garcia et Luciana Lacoste. Teatro Galpon, Montevideo Uruguay.



- Mapping workshop with Nelly Rajotte, at studio XX. Mad mapper.


- Video Dance workshop with Mandoline Hybride: Priscila Guy and Camille Aubin-Bourtin.

- Dramaturgy workshop with Guy Cools, Circuit-Est, Montreal, Canada.

- Impulstanz 2017, Atlas Program: Marta Coronado, German Jauregui, Damien Jalet, Doris Uhlich, Philippe Rièra, Francesca Harper.

- Transformation Danse: Eric Beauchesne, Benoit Lachambre, Shamel Pitts.


- Continuum, Linda Rabin

Related Development Workshops


- “Coup de Pouce” with Suzanne Beaucaire to develop text for the website of Petrikor Danse.


- “Comment Gèrer son Projet Artistique”. PPS Danse in partnership with RQD.


- “Élaborer un budget de création ou de Production”. RQD.




- Sans Retouche. Interpreter for Marie-Denise Bettez.


- La Case Départ. Interpreter for Genevieve Lauzon. Le Chapelin. Veaudreuil.

- Interpreter for Do it Montreal, for directions of Dana Michael. UQAM Art Gallery, Montreal


- Member of the dance Collective Interlope directed by Léa Tramblay-Fong. 


- FTA Interpreter in Solo Infâme remix during the Short and Sweet of the FTA 2014. Choreographer; Théa Patterson.


- Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company II, Directed by Gali Kalef Hayun and Danny Eshel. General Artistic Director; Rami Be’er. Netanya, Tel  Aviv, Jerusalem, Israel. 


- “Creo”, “Rosas”, “Legado” Ballet de Camara de Montevideo, Directed by Hebe Rosa. Montevideo, Canelones, Fray Ventos, Colonia, Yguaron, Uruguay.



- Mentorship, Research and creation Residency at Circuit –Est 

CAC- Professional development grant, Dual residency Madrid-Vienna 

Lojiq- Travel grant Dual residency Madrid-Vienna 


- Vivacité Montreal, research and creation 

- Travel Grant, Concordia University. 

- SPG Grant given by FASA. Concordia University 


- SPG Grant given by FASA. Concordia University. 


- Excellence Bursary given by the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. 


- MASA Bursary for apprenticeship with KCDC2 


- Masa Bursary for participation in Dance Journey program 


- Best Choreography, Best show and Best Dancer, in Danza Joven Festival, given by the Ministry of Sport and Culture of Uruguay.


- BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University of Montreal.


- Finishes her interpreter training at L’École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal, obtains her college degree in May 2015.


- Dance Journey Program with KCDC, Galilee Israel.


- Primera Escuela de Danza Moderna del Uruguay.



- Comité Inclusion Vivre Ensemble, RQD, Montreal, Canada.

- Sound and movement inititation workshop for toddlers. Klugar Foundry Geneva.


- Cross training workshop for teenagers as part to the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival. Ramallah, Palestine