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Experimental short film | Poetry | Feminism
11 minutes 

Dancer Bettina Szabo runs her fingers through her dyed blonde hair, flowing from the top of her head while the sides of her head are shaved. She sits in profile with her eyes closed, dressed in a yellow sleeveless shirt and matching yellow eye shadow.

In Explosives, nine women unite. run the night, take flight. dance the day on the weight of the world. eat our fears. sublimate our injuries. sweat our histories and worries. my strength overflows. the fire will not be extinguished.

As a filmmaker, multimedia artist, performer and art therapist, Paula Alves investigates the relationship between the unconscious and its forms of somatization in the body. In 2008, she founded "Filmes para Bailar", an audiovisual creation collective that presents works in Brazil, Argentina and Belgium. Since 2016, she has directed three short films presented at festivals in Europe and Korea. In 2020 she won the MK2 award for best screenplay with the film "Les filles" presented at the MK2 Bibliothèque in Paris.

Actress and director, Coraline Claude is engaged in original creations, with current and burning subjects, on stage and on screen. Her research lies on the border between reality and fiction, with biographical and/or historical foundations. Her primary tool is poetry, to enhance experiences and journeys. Since 2020, she has been running feminist art laboratories at Collectif 12, a creative space in Mantes la Jolie. Explosives is her first film as director.

During one of Claude's laboratories, nine women studied the poetry anthology "Je transporte des explosifs. On les appelle des mots" that brings together works of Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, Gloria Anzaldúa & Cherríe Moraga, bell hooks, Dorothy Allison, Robin Morgan, Marge Piercy, Alice Walker, Paula Gunn Allen, Rita Mae Brown and more. Over the course of four days and four nights, each woman delved into a poem. From this laboratory, Explosives was born. 

Creative Team

Director: Paula Alves and Coraline Claude

Cinematographer: Paula Alves

Editing: Paula Alves

Sound designer: Paula Alves

Composer: Hiroshi Yoshimura

Cast: Gabriela Alarcón Fuentes, Paula Alves, Soleïma Arabi, Constance Bon, Coraline Claude, Maria-José Junca, Camille Pellegrinuzzi, Bettina Szabo and Clémence Zrida

Presented at:

Femifilms, Sitges 2023 - Winner of the Jury's Prize

Festival Côté Court, Pantin 2022

International Poetry Film Fesival of Thuringia, Weimar 2022

With the generous support and collaboration of

Collectif 12 - fabrique d'art et culture logo
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