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Artist Kalun Leung, dressed in black, lays on a dark stage, holding a slide trombone to his lips. The gold instrument is augmented through digitial interventions, and creates a diagonal across the frame.


With Travis West and Kalun Leung

Live at CIRMMT | Montreal, 2023
IRCAM Forum | Paris, 2022
Chapelle du historique du Bon-Pasteur | Montreal, 2021

Dancer Bettina Szabo stands in a wide, confident stance, on a small stage in a warehouse-like theatre. Artist Kalun Leung stands next to her with a trombone, and next to him is Travis West.


With Travis West and Kalun Leung

Live at CIRMMT | Montreal, 2023

Dancer Bettina Szabo holds a disco ball to the right side of her face. The image is black and white.


With Yasmin Andersen, Brita Grov and Aliča Minar

Stord Kulturhus | Stord, 2023
Festiviteten | Haugesund, 2023
Oseana | Os, 2023
CODA Dance Festival | Oslo, 2023



With Dantzaz

Dantzagunea | Errenteria, 2022


An image of Bettina's neck and fingers is mirrored in the centre, creating the illusion of fingers impossibly interwining on top of and into her neck.


With Kayla Shears

Festival of Recorded Movement | Vancouver, 2021

Dancer Bettina Szabo runs her fingers through her dyed blonde hair, flowing from the top of her head while the sides of her head are shaved. She sits in profile with her eyes closed, dressed in a yellow sleeveless shirt and matching yellow eye shadow.


With Coraline Claude and Paula Alves

Femifilms | Sitges, 2023
Côté Cour | Pantin, 2022
International Poetry Film Fesival of Thuringia 
Weimar, 2022

Two black and white images of a Bettina Szabo are superimposed. In the foreground, a smaller image, centered and low, she faces away from the camera, touching the back of her hand to her forehead. Her dark hair is blowing gently in the wind, and she is wearing a tank top with thin straps. In the background, a larger image taking up the entre frame, she faces profile with her hand running through her hair. Her eyes are closed and her lips gently parted.


With Marc Durand and Elizabeth Crispo

Festival Vues sur Mer | Gaspé, 2024
Ann Arbor Film Festival | Ann Arbor, 2024
REGARD Short Film Festival | Saguenay, 2024
RIDM Festival | Montreal, 2023

Text: The Case of Denise - a video-art project on parental depression. Written in blue on a white text box. In the background is a page of a handwritten notebook.


With BA Markus, J. Marchand Knight and Jason Noble

Watershed Festival | Kingston, 2022

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