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Transformation | Emigration | Growth
Solo || 50 minutes 

Habitat is a multidisciplinary solo inspired by the life cycle of hermit crabs, serving as a metaphor for the artist's emigration journey from Uruguay to Canada. Hermit crabs don’t have a shell; instead, they house themselves in objects according to their size. As they grow, their object becomes limiting and uncomfortable, so they look for a new one.


This multidisciplinary piece combines movement, sound, a paper sculpture named Hermes (made of 600 articulated paper cones) and lighting. All elements are controlled in real time by the performer, and serve as her shell, her habitat. The lighting and sculpture create beautiful visual effects reminiscent of aurora borealis. All these elements make of Habitat a hypnotic poetic experience with an aquatic eerie atmosphere.

Creative Team

Choreography and performance: Bettina Szabo

Sculpture: Jacinthe Derasp

Musical composition: Ana Dall'Ara Majek and Joel Lavoie

Dramaturgy: Morena Prats

Wearable electronics: Alexandra Bachmayer

Costume: Anomal Couture

Rehearsal direction: Laurie-Anne Langis, Annie Gagnon and Philippe Poirier

Lighting design: Paul Chambers

Spatialization: Thibaut Carpentier

Technial direction: Audrée J. Lewka

Management: Aaron Fernandes

Press quotes

Spatialized music bursts from everywhere, runs through our spine. This short, accomplished creation is a work of proximity. — Nayla Naoufal, Le Devoir

[...] beautiful images are created with strength and brilliance throughout the play. — DF Danse

One of the best current shows...the use of lighting, inside and outside the costume, conjures up the pastel glimmer of northern lights and the flames of a forest fire -The Guardian, Lyndsey Winship 

Presented at:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh 2023, Lightning Guerrilla Festival, Ljubljana 2023, International Figuren Theater Festival, Nuremberg 2023, La Rotonde, Quebec 2023,CAM on Tour, Montreal 2023, BIDAM, Busan 2022, La FundicionBilbao 2022

Excerpts at:

Off-CINARS, Montreal 2022, Tangente, Montreal 2020, Parcours Danse 2019, Montreal 2019, Festival ZH, Montreal 2017, Métamorphose - Studio 303, Montreal 2016 

With the generous support and collaboration of

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