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One woman, sitting on a black reflective surface, cradles another. The second dancer is sitting between the first's legs, laying back onto the first dancer's chest, with her feet slightly off the ground, seemingly limp.


Work in progress

Visite Libre (Monument National) | Montreal, 2018

Bettin Szabo peeks out of a scultpure that wraps around her, made out of articulated cones. Her hand, palm facing forward, strokes the inside of the sculpture with the tips of her fingers. A blue purple light is cast from behind her, and outside of the sculpture is darkness.


Edinburgh Festival Fringe | Edinburgh, 2023

Lightning Guerrilla Festival | Ljubljana, 2023

International Figuren Theater Festival | Nuremberg, 2023
La Rotonde  | Quebec, 2023

CAM on Tour | Montreal, 2023
BIDAM | Busan, 2022

A dancer stands on one leg, in the foreground on the right side. Her other leg is curled up, sole of her foot against the standing leg's knee, and arms bend at the elbows, which are directed out to the side. Her hair hangs to the right of her face in a messy bun. Behind her and to the left is a live musician, playing a double base, basked in a green light. Both are on a black stage.


Dance Matters | Toronto, 2016 

A marimba player stands behind her instrument, which is set up in front of a large white curtain. Projected onto the curtain is a shadow of a dancer, proportionally much larger than the instrumentalist, with her arms reaching up and crossing.


Klugar Foundry | Geneva, 2016
Pollack Hall | Montreal, 2015
Théâtre L'astrée | Lyon, 2014 

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