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NOIR = +

Sensory experience | Loss | Memory
One performer + one musician || 15 minutes 

Noir=+ is a collaborative creation between the choreographer and composer.

Using an energetic line created by a graph that tracks the intensity of light, and the idea of treating lighting as a creative partner, they worked separately to later combine their material and discover the inherent poetry that emerged.

Noir=+ is a journey from playful childhood to death, revealing the traces left by those who no longer exist.

Creative team


Choreographer: Bettina Szabo

Composer : Brice Gatinet

Performers : Anne Chabot-Bucci and Bettina Szabo

Presented at:

Théâtre Astrée, Lyon 2014

Pollack Hall, Montreal 2015

Klugar Foundry, Geneva 2016

A marimba player stands behind her instrument, which is set up in front of a large white curtain. Projected onto the curtain is a shadow of a dancer, proportionally much larger than the instrumentalist, with her arms reaching up and crossing.
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