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Video Mapping | Gender Roles

Zeruki is a short commission by the Dantzaz, a Basque dance company based in Errenteria. The piece is inspired by the toxic gender norms imposed by society and their particular dynamics of oppression and abuse.

Dantzaz encourages employment and professionalisation in the dance sector while promoting creation and research by giving opportunities to performers and choreographers worldwide through artistic residencies and different types of contracts and grants and by supporting mediation and innovation projects to create new audiences.

Creative Team


Choreographer: Bettina Szabo

Music: Bettina Szabo

Video: Bettina Szabo

Lighting Designer: Bettina Szabo

Costume Designer: Tytti Thusberg

Cast: Dantzaz Ensemble

Presented at:

Dantzagunea, Errenteria 2022

Created thanks to the generous support of

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