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Experimental short film | Coming of Age | Acceptance
5 minutes 

Two black and white images of a Bettina Szabo are superimposed. In the foreground, a smaller image, centered and low, she faces away from the camera, touching the back of her hand to her forehead. Her dark hair is blowing gently in the wind, and she is wearing a tank top with thin straps. In the background, a larger image taking up the entre frame, she faces profile with her hand running through her hair. Her eyes are closed and her lips gently parted.

Immortals is an experimental documentary short film shot in 8mm that explores the introspection of an artist, Bettina Szabo. The film delves into her relationship with her sense of belonging, her body, her imagination, and nature. Sometimes one must lose oneself to find oneself better, and burn everything down to start anew on a solid foundation. This is the first work to be produced in the cinematic phase of Nous serons des géantes à notre mort (We'll be giants when we die), an interdisciplinary artistic project rooted in contemporary dance that responds to the artistic and political concerns of artist Elizabeth Crispo.

Creative Team

Production: Nous serons des géantes à notre mort

Distribution: Spira 


Sound designer: Mathieu Grégoire

Screenplay: Elizabeth Crispo, Mark Durand and Bettina Szabo

Performance: Bettina Szabo

Cinematographer: Mark Durand

Presented at:

Festival Vues Sur Mer, Gaspé 2024

REGARD – Saguenay International Short Film Festival, Saguenay 2024

Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor 2024

RIDM Festival, Montreal 2023

With the generous support and collaboration of

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