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Childhood | Gender identity | Gender roles
One performer + one musician || 17 minutes 

Séquelles is a study on the childhood of girls. Using an online survey, Bettina created this piece based on the answers of over 30 women to the question: "what couldn't you do as a child because of you were a girl?"

Creative team

Choreographer: Bettina Szabo

Music composition: Brice Gatinet

Performers: Pierre Alexande Maranda and Catherine Dagenais-Savard

Presented at:

Dance Matters, Toronto 2016

A dancer stands on one leg, in the foreground on the right side. Her other leg is curled up, sole of her foot against the standing leg's knee, and arms bend at the elbows, which are directed out to the side. Her hair hangs to the right of her face in a messy bun. Behind her and to the left is a live musician, playing a double base, basked in a green light. Both are on a black stage.
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