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Participative Art | Identity

Dancer Bettina Szabo holds a disco ball to the right side of her face. The image is black and white.

Four professional dancers and a group of students explore self-worth and identity, in a room filled with disco balls.

“The world will ask you (who you are), and if you don’t know, the world will tell you” – Carl Jung

What is a mirror? How do we use the mirror? Who do we see in the mirror? There is a mirror theory which states that we humans judge and evaluate ourselves on the basis of others. We imitate, copy, reflect and adapt our behavior accordingly. These reflections accompany us at all stages and ages on our path in life.

Welcome to Looking Glass, a spectacular dance performance that offers a sensory journey through the intricate labyrinth of identity, self-worth and the uncertainties of youth. Through the language of dance, the power of music, and the reflections in mirrors, we invite you to rediscover yourself and the world in a new light. Young movers and professional dancers meet, explore and dance together on stage.

Step into a magical space filled with disco balls, pulsating music, and graceful dancers, weaving an enchanting and captivating visual narrative. Through both the physicality of movement and the emotional depth of dance, we embark on a journey through the fractured reflections offered by the disco ball mirrors. This immersive experience encourages introspection about how we perceive ourselves and how we mirror our identities in others.

Looking Glass is a purposefully crafted performance aimed at engaging and inspiring local youth to explore the realm of art, fostering a deeper understanding of identity and self-worth through artistic expression. The title, "Looking Glass," alludes to the unexpected, challenging conventional norms, and delves into this exploration through captivating visual and emotional elements.

Creative Team

Artistic director and Peformer: Roskva Yasmin Andersen

Guest performers: Bettina Szabo, Brita Grov and Alica Minar

Music: Live Sollid Schulerud

Lighting Design: Thomas Bruvik

Costume Design: Zofia Jakubiec

Thanks to the generous support of:
The Norwegian Art Council and the City of Bergen

Presented at:

BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen 2024
Kilden Theater, Kristiansand 2024
Festiviteten, Haugesund 2023
Stord Kulturhus, Stord 2023.
Oseana, Os 2023.
CODA Dance Festival, Oslo 2023

To be presented at:
Sandnes kulturhus, Sandnes 2024

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