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Immortals - Three festivals in three weeks!

Updated: Mar 21

Immortals, an experimental short film, will be presented at REGARD – Saguenay International Short Film Festival, the Ann Arbor Film Festival and the Festival Vues Sur Mer this spring.

Two black and white images of a Bettina Szabo are superimposed. In the foreground, a smaller image, centered and low, she faces away from the camera, touching the back of her hand to her forehead. Her dark hair is blowing gently in the wind, and she is wearing a tank top with thin straps. In the background, a larger image taking up the entre frame, she faces profile with her hand running through her hair. Her eyes are closed and her lips gently parted.

Immortals is a short experimental documentary shot in 8mm, exploring the introspection of an artist, Bettina Szabo. The film explores the relationship between the artist, her sense of belonging, her body, her imagination and her nature. Sometimes you have to lose yourself in order to find yourself again, and burn everything down in order to start afresh on a sound footing.

This spring, Immortals will be presented at three screenings:

REGARD – Saguenay International Short Film Festival

March 22nd at 9 PM

Salle François-Brassard, Cégep de Jonquière

Ann Arbor Film Festival

March 27th at 9:30PM

Michigan Theater OR Online Screening

Festival Vues Sur Mer

April 6th at 9:30PM

Centre de création diffusion de gaspé

Production: Nous serons des géantes à notre mort

Distribution: Spira

Sound Designer: Mathieu Grégoire

Screenplay: Elizabeth Crispo, Mark Durand and Bettina Szabo

Cast: Bettina Szabo

Director of Photography: Mark Durand

Created thanks to the generous support of Première Ovation Danse


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