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Habitat at La Fundicion in Bilbao, Spain

On April 9th and 10th Habitat will be encountering the audience for its first time on its 50 minute version. After Bettina's return to Uruguay the piece grew to this new version that will have its world premiere at La Fundicion in Bilbao.

Habitat is a multidisciplinary solo inspired by the life cycle of hermit crabs, serving as a metaphor for Bettina's process of emigration to Canada. Hermit crabs don’t have a shell; instead, they house themselves in objects according to their size. As they grow, their object becomes limiting and uncomfortable, so they migrate new ones. This multidisciplinary piece combines movement, sound, a paper sculpture called ‘Hermes’ (made of 600 articulated paper cones), and lighting.

All elements are controlled in real time by the performer, which serves as her shell, her Habitat. The lighting and sculpture create beautiful visual effects reminiscent of aurora borealis. All these elements make of Habitat a hypnotic poetic experience with an aquatic eerie atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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