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Performance at the PHI_portal

The PHI_Portal

The PHI_portal is an immersive public art installation and long-term participatory initiative (from July 2020 to June 2021) that brings the Montreal public face-to-face with communities from 50 cities across time and space. In partnership with Shared_Studios, The PHI_portal is embedded in a network of varying geopolitical realities that facilitate the emergence of a third space.

Through immersive live-stream technology, the experience of entering the PHI_portal is akin to sharing the same physical space as someone on the mirrored side of the screen engaging the entire body and corporal language. Spring 2021 unveils the third and final season of the PHI_portal between the cities of Montreal, Milwaukee and Kigali. This season involves personal encounters, workshops, musical performances and more.

Eternal Flower

Through her participation in the PHI_portal, Bettina has been conducting research on menopause based on a series interviews with women all over the world. On June 15th from 10:30AM, she will be presenting an artistic response to this research in the form of a solo performance called Eternal Flower, which uses symptoms, emotions and symbolism related to menopause as source movement. The performance features an ephemeral paper dress that serves as a frame for movement rooted in the overpowering emotions and physical sensations lived through this important phase in women's lives.


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