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Let's wrap up 2021-2022.

Long time no see!

It's been a while since we updated you about Petrikor’s activities. Well, 2021-2022 have been very, very busy. Before everyone takes some well-deserved vacation, we wanted to make sure to share the highlight of this past year! Before we embark on the new season...


Last summer had a creation period for Cuña that ended with a technical residency at the CCOV in July 2021. The creative team has been expanded to include Sonya Stefan on video, Laurence Jobidon as music composer, Hanna Kirby on lighting, and Isabelle Poirier as rehearsal director.

Click on the image for the excerpts of the piece!


We finished the new 50-minute version of Habitat, thanks to a residency at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens Studios and Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique. In April, we premiered the work at La Fundicion in Bilbao, Spain. It will be presented this September at BIDAM in South Korea, and then on tour in Quebec in the Winter 2023.

Bettina and our agent Olivier Parent will be representing the project at TanzMesse (Düsseldorf) and PAMS (Seoul) in the CINARS stand come meet us!

Click here for teaser!


Zeruki is a 15-minute piece for 10 dancers, a new creation made for the Dantzaz Ensemble of Errenteria (Spain). It is a study on relationships, social archetypes, and consent. Bettina benefited from the Quebec au Pays Basque program of the Quebec Council of Arts, in partnership with Gipuzkoa province and La Tabakalera (San Sebastian).

Click here for teaser!


Garcia is a collaboration between Bettina and trombonist Kalun Leung. Using Kalun’s MuBone (augmented trombone) this piece is inspired of their mutual migrant experiences. It was premiered in Montreal in November 2021 at La Chapelle du Bon Pasteur, and presented in Paris during the IRCAM Forum. It will be returning to Montreal on the program of Live @CIRMMT in January 2023, accompanied by a new creation of the duo. More details to come.


Video-opera project, presented at the online Watershed Festival.

Denise is a short video, result of the collaboration of author B. A. Markus, composer Jason Nobel, video realization by Bettina Szabo and interpretation by soprano Dr. Juanita Marchand Knight. Denise is a creation based on Markus’ work of “What mommy needs”, a recollection of interviews across Canada about parental depression.

A word from Our artistic director:

Hello everyone, I am very excited to share with you our past accomplishments and current activities. Yes, current as well !

As I write, I am preparing for a sharing at the Royaumont Foundation, a new collaboration with Italian composer Raffaele Marsicano for this coming Sunday August 21st at 3.30 pm. Click here for more information and reservations!

This summer has been very busy, as I’ve also been at residency Micadanses Studios in Paris, where I am doing research and exploration for Hélichryse.

Hélichryse is a new work based on menopause, and catalyzed by my residency at the Phi Center in 2021. During this past residency, I conducted interviews with women all over the world, and I decided to make a piece on the theme of menopause. To complement my current research, I am now gathering further testimonials, so please consider filling and/or sharing this questionnaire with your female entourage. And do not hesitate to reach out if you’d like to further discuss about it !


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