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Poster for the Habitat Quebec Tour. A sculpture made out of many connected cones that ressemble a spine sits on the floor against a black background, to the left of the image. To the right, text reads: "Habitat Quebec Tour. February 8 - Maison de la culture Saint-Laurent.  February 9 - Maison de la culture NDG.  February 14 - Maison de la culture Pointe-aux-Trembles.  February 23 - Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal.  April 13 and 14 - La Rotonde (Quebec City)"

We are so excited to share the full-length version of Habitat with you! Find a date close to you and let us know if we'll see you in the audience.

All of the shows with the Maisons de la culture are free with a $2 reservation fee!

Wednesday, February 8th at 7:30PM

Maison de la culture Saint-Laurent

Salle Émile-Legault

613, avenue Sainte-Croix Montreal, QC, H4L 3X6

Tickets available now!

Thursday, February 9th at 8:00PM

Maison de la culture NDG

Salle Iro Valaskakis-Tembeck

6400 Ave Monkland

Montreal, QC, H4B 1H3

Tickets on sale January 26th

Tuesday, February 14th at 7:00PM

Maison de la culture Pointe-aux-Trembles

14001, rue Notre-Dame Est

Montreal, QC, H1A 1T9

Tickets on sale January 31st

Thursday, February 23rd at 7:30PM

Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal

465 Mont-Royal Ave E

Montreal, QC, H2J 1W3

Tickets on sale February 9th

Thursday April 13th and Friday April 14th at 8:00PM

Double bill with Angélique Amyot

La Rotonde

Méduse - Salle Multi

336 Rue du Roi suite 100,

Quebec, QC, G1K 2W5

Tickets on sale now!

Thanks to the Maisons de la culture de Montréal, l'Association des diffuseurs culturels de l’Île de Montréal (ADICÎM), le Conseil des arts de Montréal and La Rotonde!

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