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Habitat at RIDEAU

Updated: May 20, 2021

Petrikor will be participating in RIDEAU, a two-week networking event for the performing arts community of Quebec and francophone Canada. Organized by the presenter of the same name, RIDEAU is running from April 20th-29th, in an online format. The first week will be all about artistic discovery, with a program of virtual showings from all disciplines. The second week will offer opportunities to gather and make connections, from the safety of our homes.

Petrikor will be managing a virtual kiosk at RIDEAU to promote Habitat. A solo performance, Habitat is ready for touring and is adaptable to security measures related to the pandemic. It can be accompanied by a community outreach workshop, in which participants learn to create the cone structures that make up Hermes, the sculpture central to Habitat. Its last performance at Tangente was given to a sold out audience.

"[Habitat's] music, gliding with its sounds of water, amplifies sensation. The gestures are simple, incisive. Drawing inspiration from hermit crabs, Bettina Szabo engages in a sensitive ritual." - Nayla Naoufal, Le Devoir


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