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Hélichryse- Workshop on Menopause @ WRAP Center in Bergen, Norway

A dancer extends her leg back towards a window with a flexed foot. Her arms are raised and bent, showing the palms of her hands. She is dressed in a costume made of petal-like layers of fabric and wrapped in tool.

Hélichryse- Workshop on Menopause 

21st January 2024 12 - 5 pm 

WRAP Center, Bergen

Workshop leader: Bettina Szabo

This workshop has menopause as its theme. 

I’d like to invite women who are interested in menopause to experience my creative method Moving Subconscious where I guide the participants through meditations, movement and creative writing exercises. 

As part of the workshop I invite women to share their thoughts and experiences  about the menopause anonymously through creative processes. 

With your permission I will use the material as part of my upcoming performance Hélichryse.

January 21st

from 12 to 5 PM

The workshop will last 4 hours

Participation is free. 

The workshop will be held in the big project room at 

Wrap Arts Centre

Møllendalsveien 58, 5059, Bergen

Bus 12 (Møllendalsveien) of tram 2 (Fløen)

For questions about the workshop and signing up contact:


Instagram: @Petrikordanse

Please note that sharing is not mandatory and there is no need for previous knowledge of dance or meditation. 

Content of the workshop:

1- Get acquainted.

Doing questionnaires that I’ve been using for the past 3 years to interview women across the world.

Sharing circle (for those that wish to share) regarding the experiences of participants.

Sharing some of the testimonials I have collected.

2 - Invite participants to choose a memory related to menopause, or a testimonial that they can relate to, on which they will explore during the moving subconscious session.

If you chose a memory I will ask you to write this down in detail as a preparation to dive into moving subconscious.

3 - Moving subconscious:

We will dive into a body scan and invite the body to imagine itself in this situation from the memory or testimonial. I will guide you to help embody the memory and to detect the physical sensations that arise from the memory embodiment.

Through intensification of the sensations and pauses to write these sensations down I will guide you to get your body moving. 

4 - After this exploratory session we will use the written material to write a poem. With your permission we will record the poem and it will become part of the soundtrack of my upcoming performance Hélichryse.

More about Moving Subconscious

Moving subconscious is a protocol I developed in 2015 during my studies at Concordia University in Montreal. It combines techniques like hypnosis, vipassana meditation, and other somatic practices. I combine these with my background as massage therapist, giving detailed anatomical information to help the participants to have clearer images and ability to describe the sensations and pathways. 

I have been practicing and giving sessions like this for the past seven years. This method is the base of all my creations, and it enables me to combine theory with bodily experience. It has proven to be a strong and healing tool for introspection and better understanding of how the body keeps records. 

More about Hélichryse is an interdisciplinary project entered on menopause. Blending dance, video mapping, contemporary music, sound holograms and scenography in a 360 degree performance, Hélichryse is inspired by conversations about menopause. Created in collaboration with y Sonya Stefan, Laurence Jobidon and Audrée J. Lewka


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